Foundation for creative youth from Europe and Mediterranean countries. Is a global network created in Sarajevo in June 2001, a registered office in Brussels and another representative office in Turin. The organization was created with the aim of providing an institutional framework and structured management of the Mediterranean Biennale for Young Artists, first held in Barcelona in 1985.

Currently, the Foundation has 59 members in 21 countries. Bringing together cultural institutions as well as independent organizations. The Foundation has worked to establish cooperation with partners throughout Europe, the Middle East and a wide range of organizations and projects based on the Mediterranean region. Our network is represented in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, San Diego, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. . We cooperate with external partners including Austria, Israel and Kosovo, as well as a special focus on Morocco and Algeria.

The Foundation’s goal is to create opportunities for young creators to train, navigate, exchange, share common concepts, dialogue and cooperation between cultures. The Foundation is concerned with creative young people by supporting their creative process and providing their communication methods with the local and international reality to help them develop them personally and professionally.

The Foundation is convinced of the role that art and culture can play in our societies to foster respect, understanding and diversity, to discover and learn the value of different cultures to enrich themselves. Art is a tool that can be used to transcend boundaries and boundaries. He does not need to speak a language because he communicates meaning in a universal language that everyone understands.

It is an independent organization that welcomes any artist who shares his or her goal and interests without cultural, religious, political, social or moral backgrounds that distinguish any one from another.