Performance 2017

Un Pas sur la face de l’Histoire
A step on the face of history 
Mudi Hachim
Art visuel
Joël  Beauvois    Dance /////// Avi Benjamin     Musique
Merci a Catherine Bay , Duncan Greenman Duck et Eddy Martin

Writing is the most tangible influence of humanity. It is the trace of man in history. The first written records were on a clay surface during the time of Mesopotamian civilization.
All of history’s accomplishments are written, documented by man and can be erased by man.
He who erases the trace of another juxtaposes his own trace, for Man does not accept the past as it is. Man changes the past into a new past or into a present that will too fade into the past.
On the surface of what has been written since the dawn of time, in the footsteps of all that has been done in good or evil, will come the marks of the feet, those of the dance.