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What is ARTLOVA?

Artlova is a platform that connects artists with art lovers within a process that encourages both parties to fall in love with art. Whether you are a professional artist or an amateur, Artlova grants you the recognition you deserve by letting you showcase and sell your artwork directly to buyers and collectors.
Our online gallery is a gateway to accessible world-class art from worldwide contemporary artists with just one click. Art collections include paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, prints, and digital art.

Our Story

Art is living, breathing and evolving since the beginning of history. We spent years unconsciously chasing the best paintings, the most astonishing crafts or a masterpiece that can add something valuable to our lives.
We came to believe that art is found in every corner around the globe.
Some pieces were hard to find but not until we brought Artlova to life in 2020. We want this platform to be a stage for every passionate and talented artist to break a leg and turn the world upside down with the purest form of freedom and self-expression.


Helping artists showcase and sell their artworks to people who are waiting to be inspired.


Change lives and connect the world through art that speaks for all generations and cultures.


Ahmed Fattah

CEO / Founder

 Hady Salem 

Marketing Consultant / Founder